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Workshop Facility

CAT Trading's Cutting-Edge Workshop Facility

Where Innovation Meets Expertise

At CAT Trading, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the field. We’re proud to possess a state-of-the-art workshop facility that serves as the backbone of our operations. This workshop is more than just a space—it’s where innovation, precision, and expertise converge to bring our HVAC solutions to life.

Key Features of Our Workshop Facility:

Advanced Equipment

Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment, enabling our skilled technicians to fabricate, assemble, and fine-tune HVAC components with unmatched precision.

Customization Hub

The workshop acts as a customization hub where we can tailor HVAC solutions to your specific needs. From modifying components to creating bespoke systems, our facility empowers us to craft solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.

Quality Assurance

Every component that leaves our workshop undergoes rigorous quality control checks. This dedication to quality ensures that the products we deliver meet the highest standards, guaranteeing longevity and performance.

Innovation Center

Our workshop is a hub of innovation, where our engineering team collaborates to develop new solutions, explore emerging technologies, and enhance existing products. This spirit of innovation sets us apart in the HVAC industry.

Repairs and Maintenance

The workshop is also the heart of our repair and maintenance operations. HVAC components can be serviced, refurbished, and brought back to optimal functionality, minimizing downtime for our clients.

Benefits of Our In-House Workshop:

Custom Solutions

Having our own workshop empowers us to create tailor-made solutions that precisely match your needs, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Quality Control

With in-house fabrication and assembly, we have complete control over the quality of our products, ensuring that they meet our high standards before reaching you.

Speed and Efficiency

Our workshop's proximity to our operations ensures swift fabrication, assembly, and repairs, minimizing lead times and ensuring timely project completion.


Whether it's a unique project requirement or a specific component need, our workshop's flexibility allows us to adapt and deliver without compromise.


Our workshop acts as a hub for innovation, fostering the development of new solutions and technologies that can reshape the HVAC industry.

Experience the Workshop Advantage

At CAT Trading, our in-house workshop facility stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. From concept to creation, our workshop plays a pivotal role in bringing our HVAC solutions to life. Join us in exploring the endless possibilities that our workshop facility offers, and let us elevate your indoor environments to new heights of comfort, efficiency, and excellence.